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Florida Cinemagraph Photography of Epic at Gateway and Palm Ranch Apartment Communities in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale

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I really enjoy doing Cinemagraphs! A still image that has a bit of video mixed in. It captures the viewer’s attention and almost guarantees that they will take a second look!

I was hired to do a series of Cinemagraphs to market multiple signature properties around the country. The mission was to capture people enjoying amenities and provide a unique lead off to the property websites.

With typical hot and humid weather in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, I struggled to keep the condensation from forming on my camera equipment. However, we had some terrific models that really were able to transition form one theme to the next without blinking an eye! And one of our models on the second shooting day was an amateur comedian that kept us all laughing the entire shoot.

This is a photoshoot that was truly enjoyed by all and it is reflected in the cinemagraphs!

Above, Gotta love a hole-in-one

Above, Fountains in the pool really add to the ambience

Above, Wait, I’m still learning!

Above, Enjoying drinks with friends

Above, A game of pool in the clubhouse

Above, And a dog bath too

Above, Corn Hole anyone?

Above, Enjoying a little fitness in the Yoga Room

Above, A spin workout make you thirsty

Above, And finally, relax and read the paper

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